Addictions & Eating Disorders

If we’re suffering from an addiction, whether it’s a substance (drugs/alcohol) or a process (gambling, shopping, work, sex, internet, serial relationships), or even restricting or purging food, we’re engaging in the behaviour as means of avoidance.

We may be avoiding feelings associated with trauma or abuse. We may be avoiding what feels like a lifetime of feeling invisible or neglected.Or conversely, a life of being too much the focus of unwanted or unhealthy attention and control. We may be avoiding shame – shame associated with our own choices and behaviours, or maybe shame that we carry for another.

It’s complicated, but not untreatable. With the support of counselling and therapy and often, a 12-step support group, recovery is possible.

Do any of these apply to you?

 I’m not sure if my “habit” is a problem

 Other people are telling me I have a problem

 I feel like my use of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise), gambling, shopping, work, sex, internet, relationships, restricting my food or purging has too much control over me

 I can’t imagine living without my habit

 My job or relationship is now at risk because of my habit

 I hide my habit, or the extent of it, from others

 I feel shame or embarrassment about habit

 I want to understand more about the difference between “problematic” and “addiction”

 I want to try to get things under control again