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The quality of our relationships can have a huge impact on our day to day functioning. Whether with our partners; our children; other family members; friends or colleagues, we all form relationships. As human beings, we are “wired” to relate to each other to ensure our very survival!...
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Family Issues

Families are complex and, at time, extremely entangled systems. They can bring us great joy. They can also bring us great pain. Very few of us go through life with our family relationships perfectly in tact. (My father-in-law used to say “Just because they’re your family, it doesn’t ...
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Addictions & Eating Disorders

If we’re suffering from an addiction, whether it’s a substance (drugs/alcohol) or a process (gambling, shopping, work, sex, internet, serial relationships), or even restricting or purging food, we’re engaging in the behaviour as means of avoidance. We may be avoiding feelings associa...
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Depression & Anxiety

Its estimated that one in five of us experiences some period of being depressed at some point in their lives. Its is by far the most common mental illness. Anxiety is a close second. Both are treatable, but some forms of depression and anxiety actually deter us from seeking help. ...
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What is trauma?  Some would say “anything less than a nurturing experience”. Experiences of physical or sexual abuse is traumatic; having emotionally unavailable parents is traumatic;  being neglected as a child is traumatic;  having a parent who is overly critical or shaming can be ...
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